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Serena Marija is a British-Maltese Actress, Model,  Screenwriter and Producer based in London. 

She has been working professionally for the past eight years, gaining a wealth of experience working as a model, before moving into the world of film and tv. She is known for her first ever performance in: “WOLF: THE BETRAYAL OF JUDAS” where she took the lead, multi-roling as “Leah” the wife of Judas and the female version of Satan. 

She has also delivered two emotionally challenging and  groundbreaking performances in music videos: BLACKFIELD - “LONELY SOUL”   and “FAYEZ AL-SAEED - “ANA WENI”.


She has been fortunate enough to work with a highly regarded clientele across USA, UK, Europe & Middle East. 

She went on to be cast by Austrian based production company for feature film: “The Final Barrier” playing the lead role of “Nur“ a Syrian refugee, which meant filming across Serbia and Bosnia amongst real refugees. She will  become known to a wider audience in the USA after starring in TV Series “United 93” playing the role of  Aysel Şengün the lover of a 9/11 hijacker. Being a true artist, in constant need of a challenge she has been proactive, having written, produced and acted in her own psychological thrillers: “Nihilisticism” (2015) and “Dark Souls & Dollar Bills” (2018) which has just won a Semi-Finalist award at Los Angeles Cinefest.


Born and raised in Buckinghamshire, England, Serena started training at the Jackie Palmer Stage School: practicing dance and drama on a weekly basis, which led to her taking Drama & Theatre Studies as one of her A-Level subjects. 

With her highly articulate, confident and adventurous nature she remains flexible and interested in other areas of the media industry.


Serena hosted the first Saudi Arabian Film Festival “SAUDI FILM DAYS” London in The Sir Richard Attenborough Cinema in Knightsbridge and was also offered the opportunity to be a reporter at a live news conference for “COUNTERTERRORISM AND MEDIA CHALLENGES 2018”.


Serena’s deeply empathetic nature along with her passion to tell the stories of the forgotten is her one true goal.

A great deal of projects and campaigns she has worked on have been attached to an ethical cause or to raise awareness  against specific humanitarian causes.



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